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Addiction Counseling Orange County

Counseling for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Did you know approximately 23.5 million addicts never get treatment they need?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that leads to disconnection and compulsive behaviors. People deep in their addictions overlook the harmful repercussions of behaviors. Over time, substance abuse impacts all areas of life, your brain, body, spirit and relationships.

People who are fortunate to have the time, resources and support, often get clean and sober by going through residential treatment or outpatient clinics. The initial 30 to 90 day timeframe is a stabilization period and after completing a program you may need to continue the deeper work to understand unconscious motives and to stay clean and sober.

I have extensive experience working in the field of addictions and often work with people on their aftercare therapy. If you don’t have the resources for residential or outpatient, therapy along with the appropriate support groups (AA, NA, PA, Smart Recovery and Refuge Recovery to name a few) can lead to successful recovery. Counseling will help you identify potential triggers and create a long-term plan to help you sustain sobriety. Together we can discover underlying needs leading you to abuse drugs or alcohol. My mission is to work with you in a compassionate and non-judgmental way to help you achieve healing and change in your life.

Many sufferers from addiction have underlying mental health issues that drive the addiction. Appropriate therapy can help you identify the underlying psychological and emotional issues that can contribute to addiction. The U.S Health and Human Services found that more than 30% of adults with mental health diagnoses also have an addiction problem.

Counseling can help identify symptoms of psychological trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

Together we can establish effective relapse prevention strategies and interventions to help you to identify and address the thought patterns, reactions and impulsivity that drive drug and alcohol abuse.

Appropriate therapeutic interventions include CBT, Narrative Therapy and Contingency Management therapy. There is often underlying trauma driving addictions and when trauma is present, it needs to be healed to address underlying causes. At the appropriate time, EMDR is a successful trauma resolution therapy, but not some thing to address until the person has a period of substantial and solid recovery .

Other forms of Addiction and Compulsivity

At their core, various addictions stem from dysfunctional ways of numbing and trying to regulate emotions. These strategies can get out of control and lead to the same kind of downward spiral as with drugs and alcohol.

People use other things like food, sex or other people to do the same thing. Whether you call it an addiction or by another name, compulsive sexuality and out-of-control sexual behaviors can cause the same kind of distress in life.

I work with people trying to overcome various forms of compulsivity as well.

Sex Addiction or Compulsivity

Love and Relationship Addiction


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The Road to Recovery

The relationship you form with your therapist is time and again shown to be the most important factor in the success of therapy. My mission is to create an atmosphere of non-judgment, compassion and acceptance wherein we can work together toward your healing so you can live a life that you love. Healing is possible. Recovery is possible.

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