LGBT-Affirming Therapy Services in Costa Mesa, CA

Also Serving Los Alamitos


 Are you struggling with your identity as a member of the LGBT community? Have you faced discrimination because of your sexual orientation or identity? If you're seeking help because you've faced these issues, James Brillon Therapy helps by providing LGBT-Affirming Therapy in Costa Mesa, CA. 

What Is LGBT-Affirming Therapy?

I know that your sexual orientation is an important part of your identity, not an issue. I am experienced in working with the community and trained in EMDR trauma resolution therapy, and I use his training and experience to provide LGBT-Affirmative services. An Affirmative Therapist is a necessity for anyone with concerns or questions regarding their sexual orientation or gender identity. I see healing as integration and I work with you to develop greater self-awareness to help you understand how your mind and emotions work. 

Often the culture in which we exist or grew up in can be problematic. You may not know how to safely navigate the culture; how to cope within it or if desired, to transcend it. I can also help you with family issues you may face because of your orientation or identity. 

Will My Visit Be Confidential?

When you visit my office you can trust that what you say is confidential and will remain between you and me. James Brillon Therapy is a safe space for LGBT clients to, to discuss any issue, whether or not it overtly relates to gender identity or sexual orientation. I can assist with issues affecting the LGBT community including overcoming stigma and judgment, and discovering your identity or orientation. 

 As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide safe and effective LGBT-affirming therapy. If you'd like to schedule an appointment, please call James Brillon at (714) 388-6457. If you are still unsure about therapy, see my OUT & INformed videos about serving the LGBT community.